Masterminds Behind EDEN Oasis

Meet the Byte Borough Hooligans – a passionate team of rebels, artists, tech geniuses, and leaders who unite to become guardians of the decentralized world and bring creative freedom back to you.

the Boss

the legend

Meet our legend, the fearless leader of the hooligans. With a passion for decentralization and a knack for innovation, he charts the course of Byte Borough, navigating us toward the boundless horizons of digital freedom and simplicity.

the Mechanic

the Mechanic

When it comes to technology, our Mechanic is the go-to genius. Keeping the gears of Byte Borough turning smoothly, ensuring that our decentralized world operates flawlessly and every wild idea becomes a reality.

the General

the General

With precision and dedication, orchestrating the hooligan operation, ensuring that every member is in sync and ready to conquer any challenge. We simply couldn't do it without the generals leadership.



Embodying the spirit of hospitality and camaraderie in Byte Borough. Responsible for extend a warm welcome to all hooligans, fostering guardianship and belonging in our digital metropolis.



Our guiding light of Byte Borough. With their deep knowledge and wisdom, they provide direction and insight, helping hooligans navigate the complex world patience virtue and belief.

the Artist


Our Artist is the creative force behind Byte Borough's stunning visuals. They bring the neon-lit streets and vibrant characters to life, transforming the digital canvas into a decentralized masterpiece.

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