Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Fetching the fun, DogeGuard is a fur-tastic, tail-wagging DogeChain wallet! Our pawsome purpose is to fetch DogeChain to the moon by crafting a social wallet. Remember, it's all about 'Your Woofs, Your Wealth' – your secret passphrase is as safe as a bone buried deep. For sniff-worthy updates, chase our tails on Twitter: Ready to paw-ticipate?" πŸΎπŸš€

Where can I download DogeGuard? iOS? Android?

What is the mission of DogeGuard?

On the wag, our mission is to make DogeChain the fur-tastic blockchain for everyone. Building a secure, self-guarded wallet is our top barkriority. Remember the chant: "Your Leashes, Your Loot." Plus, we're all in for the $EVE mission Empower Voices Everywhere, as laid out by the wise 10 year plan on $EVE guardians. Sniff around here: And if you want to join our pack, chase us on Telegram: πŸΆπŸš€

What is a self-custodial wallet?

Barktastic news: DogeGuard takes the leash off your DogeChain Assets – it's in your paws! Our mantra? YKYC – "Your Keys, Your Crypto." Private keys? Woof, no way, those are all yours!

Nose in the air, we don't believe in parking assets on exchanges in a "not your keys, not your crypto" realm. YKYC means you're the alpha of your private key pack – our paws can't touch your DogeChain assets. Even if DogeGuard had a nap and was snoozing, you'd still reach your assets den using your secret squirrel seed phrase.

Remember, stash your seed phrase using our Manual Backup method and keep it under lock and key. For bonus security and tail-wagging ease, you can even add an iCloud Backup to the mix.

Your seed phrase, or 'recovery phrase,' is the key to your wallet's kingdom. It's the magic phrase for the treat vault, so guard it like a treasure map! πŸ•πŸ”

How do I keep my wallet safe?

Hold onto that seed phrase like a loyal pup guards its bone! If your app, phone, or device takes a sudden leap, your only lifeline is that trusty seed phrase. Jot it down and tuck it into your secret treasure chest, accessible only by you. No pup selfies, please!

A BIG caution: If your seed phrase goes missing like a ball in tall grass, our paws are tied. You're the sole keyholder to that DogeChain treasure. No custodial tricks in our doghouse.

Never bark out your seed phrase to anyone. Hand it over, and they'll have a free pass to your DogeChain assets.

Always give it a double-check, like a pup sniffing around, before sending your DogeChain assets on a journey. Once it's out the doggy door, it's gone for good.

When tossing Doge to an exchange, make sure you're not tossing it to the wind. Use a valid DEPOSIT address fetched from the exchange. Otherwise, it's like burying a bone where you can't find it.

And remember, no matter how tempting the offer, keep those paws grounded – tokens like $EVE, Pepe, X and others? All howlin' safe if found inside our whitelist you can sniff them out with our drop down. Stay vigilant! πŸΎπŸ•πŸš€

Do you charges any fees?

DogeGuard vows not to sneak in any fees. If, by some cosmic twist, we ever do, we'll lay it all out in black and white. However, you're not off the hook when it comes to network fees for sending a DogeChain assets transaction. These fees are the treats for keeping the DogeChain fam safe and sound. DogeGuard sniffs around to fetch the lowest possible fee for your transaction and rolls it out on the confirmation screen – the final step before your treat goes into the bowl. πŸΎπŸš€

Wen Dogecoin moon?

We build for the moon but focus on the stars by always sharing #muchlove #unity and #empowervoiceseverywhere #doonlygoodeveryday

Can I tip DogeGuard?

Much yes. DogeGuard aspires to charge no fees and exist only from the love of our users. Our Volunteer Team also helps out for tips. Any tips appreciated!

Wallet: DDK5WCKChATrwDsqL88o7bTaPFhPT3uWwz

Are you the official DogeChain wallet?

We don’t believe there should be an official wallet for DogeChain as that defeats decentralization. We have met with the DogecChain Foundation and great DC ambassadors plus you and appreciate feedback and support. We believe dogechainians should have a world of options to choose from for holding their DogeChain assets, which is why we active in supporting their efforts to make it easier for anyone to make apps for DogeChain.

How to backup your wallet?

Select Backup & Security from the Settings menu.

Backup your private seed phrase. - You manually write down/save your private key.

menu settings
dogeguard backup

You must store your seed phrase in a safe place. The only way to recover your DogeChain assets if you lose your app/phone/device is with your seed phrase. You should write your seed phrase down and store it in a safe place that only you can access. We do not recommend taking a screenshot of your seed phrase.


We are not a custodial service.

How to delete your wallet?

menu settings

Select Manage wallet option from the Settings menu. Here you can delete your wallet.

NOTE: This will remove all wallet related data from your device.

How can I become a DogeGuard Volunteer?

Simply engage with us on telegram and as always use and share DogeGuard. #muchlove

The #1 DogeChain Wallet

It could be because we are exclusive, decentralized and OG.

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Guard's platform is a game-changer for DogeChain #muchlove

Sending and receiving tokens has become my daily cosmic ritual. It's unity in action!


Unity and innovation, our partnership constellation illuminates the blockchain galaxy with collaborative brilliance.

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