• Enhanced Commitment Statement: At GUARD, our dedication to preventing money laundering and terrorism financing is unwavering. We uphold the highest standards of security and compliance across Dogechain, zkEVM Polygon, and Rootstock.

Policy Statement

  • Specific Regulatory Alignment: GUARD complies with both global financial regulations and specific legal standards applicable in the jurisdictions of our users. We maintain rigorous adherence to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards and local regulatory frameworks. View how GUARD privacy works.

Customer Identification Procedures (KYC)

  • Enhanced Verification Methods:
    • Guard is under development of an internal real-time video verification step for high-risk or high-value transactions.
    • Continuous KYC updates every two years or upon significant account changes when Guard V2 deploys on zkEVM.

Monitoring and Reporting

  • Detailed Monitoring Techniques:
    • Utilizing state-of-the-art behavioral analytics to detect unusual patterns and potential risks.
    • All flagged transactions are reviewed manually by a specialist team before reporting to the authorities.

Risk Assessment

  • Dynamic Risk Assessment:
    • Implementing machine learning algorithms to dynamically assess and rate risk levels of transactions and wallets in real-time.
    • Introduction of an escalation protocol for immediate action on high-risk flags.

Record Keeping

  • Enhanced Data Security:
    • Incorporating blockchain-based storage solutions to ensure tamper-proof record-keeping.
    • Use of encrypted databases with multi-factor authentication for accessing records.

Compliance Management

  • Proactive Compliance Engagement:
    • Quarterly compliance training for all staff, focusing on the latest AML/CTF developments and technologies.
    • Annual third-party audits to review and certify our compliance posture.

Legal Framework

  • Comprehensive Legal Coverage:
    • Regular updates to our legal compliance based on ongoing changes in the AML/CTF regulatory landscape globally and locally.
    • Active participation in regulatory forums and discussions to stay ahead of compliance requirements.

Security and Technology

  • Advanced Security Technologies:
    • Integration of AI-driven anomaly detection systems for real-time security alerts.

User Responsibilities

  • Clarified User Guidelines:
    • Detailed guidelines on what constitutes suspicious activities and how users can report them.
    • Clear consequences of non-compliance, including a structured process for account review and potential suspension.

Contact Information

  • Accessible Support:

Updates and Review

  • Active Policy Management:
    • Policy reviewed bi-annually and after any major regulatory changes in our operating markets.